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Jesse Jackson visits newsroom

The Rev. Jesse Jackson met with The Crimson White editorial staff in the newsroom on Sept. 14 to congratulate them on “The Final Barrier” investigative article, published Sept. 11, in which University of Alabama sorority members accused alumnae and advisers of deliberately blocking bids to two prospective black students.

The sorority members told The Crimson White that the black students, who met all other qualifications, were not given bids solely because of their race.

Jackson praised the newspaper’s reporting and later tweeted: “Big props to the courageous Crimson White staff — journalism at its best.”

The Crimson White’s coverage, followed by national media attention and a march by students and faculty, led to the reopening of the sorority member selection process. University President Judy Bonner later announced that six minority women, including four black students, had accepted bids to join sororities.