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Thanks to everyone who has registered with us at the OSM website. If you know of other Student Media Alumni that you have remained in touch with ask them to register too.

Our database is coming along slowly but surely. We have gone back to old bound volumes of The Crimson White and captured names from the staff box. The Corolla provided staff names from its organization’s pages where most all of our media enterprises were photographed and identified. The UA Alumni office provided us a search disk with names and information. Still there are a lot of OSM alumni that are not found in any of those resources. So, if we have missed you that’s why. You can help us greatly by going to the “about you” menu above and registering with us. As you change addresses, email and such you can update your file there. This information will help us as we prepare to launch an electronic newsletter and other vehicles that will keep you up to speed on all OSM events, student awards and giving opportunities.

We have started the process to endow a scholarship for The CW Editor and The CW AD Manager. There are certain requirements that The University has to approve before we can begin the asking phase. I will have more on this as we get closer.

Another priority is our equipment needs and wants. With technology changing ever so fast we must stay on the cutting edge with the newest and best equipment we can afford for our media programs. I will be creating ways you can give to this effort too. 

We are still developing “naming” opportunities for our media center. We would love to locate a donor that we could name the entire center for. However, there are other inside opportunities that can be named for someone and they are the newsroom, small conference room, large conference room, advertising staff office, small radio studio and the large radio studio.

Going into the summer of 2013 Mark Mayfield and I will be working on a possible CW staff reunion. Hopefully, Mobile will be the first of many events to follow. Mark and I will be looking for volunteers from the Mobile area to assist us with planning, locating a venue and hosting the night of the event.

Now that we have settled in to our new offices we want you to stop by and tour the new facilities. We love it and so will you.

Ever going forward,

Joel A. Mask, Assistant Director, Development