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We’re energized

Paul D. Wright  Director, Office of Student Media

Paul D. Wright
Director, Office of Student Media

We are in our new facility and energized.

Yes, it is out on the edge of campus, but has twice as much space, more storage to put all of our stuff and more desks and computer connections. Plus, we are now handicap accessible. And plenty of parking.

We are still unpacking boxes and completing a few projects, but we’re settling in and becoming very comfortable.

The highlight of the new space is the open floor plan newsroom that allows for everyone to work, communicate and collaborate easily. Aside from the added space, the newsroom design itself has led to a better working atmosphere and a more productive environment.

I know many of you were saddened by our departure from the old building. In many ways, we were as well. But the frequently blown fuses, bee infestations, squirrel-chewed wires, leaking roof, rotted floors and myriad of other problems that result from an old fraternity house made working there a challenge.

The space constraints and deteriorating condition of the old building were nearly daily disruptions and frequent roadblocks to moving forward and evolving. The building had become a problem, not a solution.

We want to show you why we’re excited. Here’s a map that shows our new location: http://tinyurl.com/com829a. Come visit us sometime. We offer free tours.


Paul D. Wright

Director, Office of Student Media